chrismas eve on TV

Twas the night before christmas and everything was normal until santa came with a camera to let everyone know this family was trying to stay awake to see him the camera was rolling and he was down the chimney the family was standing right there and they had a camera to. Santa dropped he presents and ran. When he got to the north pole he pulled the camera out to show everyone what he saw but he pressed a button that made it go on TV. when the family turned the TV and saw themselves. The little girl said ¨ we seem to be one TV. ¨

maya 100 word challenge

We are studying the mya. it reminds me of a time without tv ipads and computers Kid today can even amagian a time when we had no devices. I think it would be cool to do a day with no devices. It would give people a chance to get out and have fun. We could play outside and build things like the mya did. I think that would get people of there feet and having fun. It is fun for adults to do to.

These are old cow horse and goat heads. They are here because they fell from the sky 3 years ago. They are to resmble the farmers from a long time ago. I think this because a lot of farmers had these animals. They  have names the cow is moo the horse is bob and the goat is jeff. This is in new york city at a park . It is here because not many farmers live here. So that is why they fell here.


I was in line for one of the most entence ride at the great esacpe I was so nervos about going on the ride. We were close to the back  of the the line and it didn’t help that all you could here were people screaming from the ride and all I could feel was my whole body shaking. When the people in front of us left that made us be the first in line when the cart started to slow  down the worker opened the gate and let us in as the people on the ride left we got in. it we me and my dad in the front and other people in the 4 cars behind us. The carts started to move but it seemed to be going backwards.

granny smooches

One day at school granny smooches teacher was teaching about aligaters. She was day dreaming about chickens taking over town.  Them the resses bell rang and she heard that she ran outside she went right to her friend bob her friend bob was soccer, so she gave it a try. Granny smooches didnt think this over because soccer was very tricky, so she went to climb the the rock wall. When she got to the top she saw a girl in a mauve shirt she liked it so much she fell of the rock wall.  When she got up she cried.



leif erisson

This is leif erissons hands pulling a rope because it has his pet dog named bob he broke the rope him and his dog were very strong.  Then his dog ran away but he fell in a sewer drain so leif erisson dug a big hole and went underground but sense he has big hands they dident fit sonow he was stuck. He has ben there for 3 billion years now people climb and look at the big hands


The fire debartmet had to come and use butter to get him out but then they got him out and his arms stayed.